Case stories


SCADA Level 2 system

Sweet Geeks has delivered a new Level 2 SCADA Platform to one of our customers.

The platform was designed to monitor and operate renewable assets from a centralized control center.

This allowed the customer to operate the high volume of renewable assets without using the many different OEM’s SCADA platforms but having just one platform to operate the entire fleet.

This made onboarding people easier, minimizing human errors and giving a higher production output.

The SCADA platform was rewritten as a Microservice-based platform, using technologies like .NET, MongoDB, KAFKA, MSSQL, Kubernetes, etc.

We were responsible for implementing a zero-trust architecture compliant with IEC standards and working in the IEC zone model.

Our roles were project management, Software architecture, DevOps architecture, and implementation.



Data Center migration

For a large international utility company, Sweet Geeks has supported migrating SCADA infrastructure from a data center in Denmark to Datacenter in Germany.

The idea for the migration was to optimize the IT infrastructure, getting more scalability, security, and modern offerings for internal customers.

Sweet Geeks was responsible for designing the infrastructure setup for the SCADA department, including ensuring SCADA software was working, responsible for developing/updating homegrown software to be able to live in a DTAP environment, implementing CI/CD pipelines, and making sure 3rd party software was working in DTAP environment.

The task also included ensuring that data from sites were available in all zones of the DTAP setup.