Highly skilled senior magicians within SMART Industries – with roots in Energy

It is our mission to continuously present our partners and customers to the strongest team available in market within our business focus areas.

We offer highly specialised capabilities within these business areas and services

Data lifecycle

Handling of data from cradle to cloud and are certified partner with products throughout the lifecycle e.g.

We have extensive experience from some of the world’s leading players in the field and our team of senior consultants are very experienced in the art of handling big data and making it available where it is needed.


  • Analysis and design
  • Implementation of Apache KAFKA projects
  • Acquisition for real time data
  • Visualization and aggregation of big data
  • SCADA and fleet wide system integration

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We have extensive experience from some of the world’s leading players in the field and our team of senior consultants are very experienced in the art of handling big data and making it available where it is needed.

Let us help you get started with the development of AI and ML projects. Sweet Geeks have practical experience with AI and ML projects, and we have employed some of the strongest minds within the field of AI/ML.

  • Tensor Flow
  • Scikit learn
  • Data modelling
  • IBM Watson studio

Cyber security

We have practical implementation for using Cyber Security cross IT and OT. We are focussed on creating End2End solutions that includes People Process and Technology.

  • PKI infrastructure
  • Controlcenter evaluation
  • IEC 62443 / ISO27001
  • NERC / CIP
  • Cyber Security Assessment (based on CIS-20)
  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • CISO advisory service
  • Governance

Software development

Software development is where it all started for Sweet Geeks A/S. We have since the beginning of our company strived to employ the best consultants to help our customers.

We have a focus on the entire journey of data from acquiring data through embedded software development to make it available in the cloud or as an on-prem solution.

We can build software around the data as either a web application, APP, or desktop application. Sweet Geeks development always focus on reliability, availability, scalability, maintainability, and testability.

  • NET Development (C#, .NET Core, Xamarin/Maui, Blazor)
  • React / Angular
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • GraphQL, REST, gRPC
  • SQL / NOSQL Databases

Project leadership

Being agile is all about reacting to unexpected changes and applying leadership to get the job done.

We help your organization navigate through the unexpected challenges that occur in every project. We focus on leading the project through the storms all complex projects encounter. We understand how to navigate through choppy waters and stay the course when the waves come crashing down on the team. We keep an eye on the winds of change and take what is beneficial back to your organization. We invest in continuous team development for our for example: Lean Management, Scaled Agile/Scrum methodologies i.e. SAFe and Intent-Based Leadership

Infrastructure and Cloud

Today’s IT solutions is more complex and companies relay on Uptimes in the solutions as this will have impact on bottom line in every business.

Cloud solutions is more and more often a part of the solution. And relocations of companies as the grow out of physical walls.

Sweet Geeks is highly qualified in these business areas where most companies can befit form everything in between On-Site solution to a complete Cloud setup or any kind of hybrid. The knowledge and benefits of different solutions and economy can be managed by us. We advise in the best solution and support in a mix or local IT department and/or as your IT Department.
Sweet Geeks have high knowledge and experience in migration and upgrade of mail solutions, consolidation and upgrade of SQL including optimization of the infrastructure as well.

Realtime data platforms and data streaming through KAFKA

Real-time data becomes an even bigger part of the business landscape every day.

Sweet Geeks A/S has in recent years used KAFKA to support our customers on their data-driven journey. We do this by helping to build Realtime data platforms based on the KAFKA data streaming platform.

Let us help you get started with your data platform.

We can support you with:

  1. Confluent KAFKA and Apache KAFKA
  2. Defining strategy for the platform
  3. Architecture design of your real-time platform
  4. Cyber security architecture based on IEC-62433
  5. Setting up Cluster linking, Data streams, Geo-replication, KSQL
  6. Data harmonization, Schema registry, topics, producers/consumers, integrations, etc.
  7. DevOps – CI/CD Pipelines, Infrastructure as code, Kubernetes, docker
  8. Monitoring and logging integration

The Sweet Geeks management promise


We are all here to help and support each other to get even better players every day – Securing that we are always on the forefront of the Sweet Geeks evolution.


Staying curious and openminded to new waves and trends within our industry – to ensure we are amongst the brightest players for our customers and partners.


Keeping our sworn promise, not to be a generic, bureaucratic middle of the road company – but staying agile, sharp and being constantly on top of our game – ahead of our competitors.

Part of the SCADA International family

In January 2024, Sweet Geeks embarked on a new chapter as we were acquired by SCADA International. This strategic move opens a world of possibilities for Sweet Geeks, we see huge potential in the extended family. 

Rest assured, our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction remains at the core of our operations. 

About SCADA International

SCADA International employs more than 225 skilled specialists working out of 12 offices across the globe. With projects across more than 29 countries and +23,500 assets connected, its customers span from major OEMs to large IPPs to traders in North America and Europe. 

In 2024, SCADA International accelerated its growth journey by acquiring Sweet Geeks, Next Consult, and Quantec Systems with the strategic goal of becoming a powerhouse for the renewable industry. 


“Does your investment in new technology convert to business?”

Our strength is our business understanding of the projects we develop – in collaboration with our partners, their customers and our amazing Geeks.

Palle List Clausen, Commercial Director
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Brian Dørffler Heilskov, Field CTO & Founder
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