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Within Energy, Pharma and Smart Industries

When talking about digitalization and software development, we talk about the basic DNA of Sweet Geeks’ sphere of competence.

Senior Consultants

Sweet Geeks has highly skilled senior consultants with experience within the renewable industry.


Let Sweet Geeks be your partner when developing your next technical project.

Smart industries

Do you want to take a giant leap ahead by taking your production facilities into the new century?

Project Hotel

Optimize your development process, by using Sweet Geeks Project Hotel.


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the future of software projects. 


Event Streaming and data virtualization via Apache Kafka


Sweet Geeks is highly qualified in infrastructure like cloud, migration and relocations.

Sweet Geeks is 100% partner based.

Our business model is to work in partnerships with established stakeholders within the renewable energy industry.

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With Sweet Geeks on-site you will experience a huge leap in efficiency

Get our strongest Senior Consultants at your team.

Our Senior Consultant are characterized by their expertise and their unique ability to understand your domain requirement in renewable development.

They are not only interested in delivering you a new solution, but also in challenging all aspects of your existing software, thus creating an even more competitive edge over your competitors.

We take pride in supporting your business and delivering the project to ensure optimized value.


Experience in on-site development


Renewable energy domain knowledge


Project management and project coordinators


Only senior consultants with + 10 years experience

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Sweet Geeks have teamed up with internationally oriented partners

To provide our international customers with the best possible service, we engage in strategic partnerships with other internationally oriented business.

This ensures a well-balanced delivery, where Sweet Geeks have access to like-minded players on the international scene within sustainability.

Our partners are carefully chosen amongst the best of the best and each of them share the values and ethics of Sweet Geeks.  We are a wining combination with a common obsession of customer success… your success.


Durable service


Focused delivery


Invoicing services


Wider range of services



Take a giant leap ahead and elevate your production facilities to a new level

Sweet Geeks will support in taking the next step into digitalization of your production facilities and combine the possibilities of IoT, AI/ML, robotics, 3D printing and cyber security.

Our consultants have worked for smart industries movement leaders, and we would love to share our knowledge.


3D printing


Analysis and design


AI / ML development


Implementation support


Business optimization

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Efficiency in software development

Let the development process become even more efficient with Sweet Geeks Project Hotel.

Sweet Geeks offers the option for your development team to stay at the Sweet Geeks facility – in our project hotel.

Out of their regular environment, your team will become even more project focused.

The project hotel is in a protected environment, to ensure your material and data is secured.


Full focus on your development project


Development in an innovative environment


High progress in project execution


Significant reduction in development time

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Let us help you – Get started today with AI and ML

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the future of software projects.

Let us help you get started with the development of AI and ML projects.

Sweet Geeks have practical experience with AI and ML projects, and we have employed some of the strongest minds within the field of AI/ML.


Practical experience with AI/ML


Analysis and design


Planning and execution


Part of AI ECO system


Access to universities within Big data and AI/ML


Access to super computers for data crunch (Ultimo 2020)

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Does your project or organization require High Performance Event streaming and data acquisition for real time data? Sweet Geeks could be the highly skilled partner you are looking for!

We have extensive experience from some of the world leading players in the field and our team of senior consultants are very experienced in the art of handling big data and making it available where it is needed.

We are certified KAFKA developers and partners with Confluent, founded by the team that originally created Apache Kafka.

Sweet Geeks can help you design and/or build your next scalable, resilient and secure event streaming platform.


Analysis and design


Implementation of Apache KAFKA projects


Acquisition for real time data


Visualization and aggregation of big data

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Infrastructure – Advisory, Analyze, Cloud, Migration and Relocation

Today’s IT solutions is more complex and companies relay on Uptimes in the solutions as this will have impact on bottom line in every business. 

Cloud solutions is more and more often a part of the solution. And relocations of companies as the grow out of physical walls.

Sweet Geeks is highly qualified in these business areas where most companies can befit form everything in between On-Site solution to a complete Cloud setup or any kind of mixture between the two edges. The knowledge and benefits of different solutions and economy can be managed by us. This means we can advise in the best solution and support in a mix or local IT department and/or as your IT Department.

Sweet Geeks Consultants have high knowledge and experience in migration and upgrade of mail solutions, consolidation and upgrade of SQL including optimization of the infrastructure as well.


IT Strategy & IT Management


Infrastructure / Security / Cyber Security


Choice of Hosting / Housing partner / On-Site


Private Cloud / Public Cloud / Mixed Cloud


Outsourcing, Opportunities and Benefits


Choice of Hosting / Housing partner / On-Site


Scalable On-Site Virtualization and Design


Optimization, Consolidation, Migration and Upgrade Exchange / SQL / Cluster


Network Analyze and design including Zone models / DTAP /Support


SCADA@Site Solutions


Design Failover Server Rooms, network and Firewalls


Implementation of a relocation

“Does your investment in new technology convert to business?”

Our strength is our business understanding of the projects we develop – in collaboration with our partners, their customers and our amazing Geeks.


Steffen Pedersen
CEO & Founder

Brian Johansen
CTO & Founder

Sweet Geeks Culture

At Sweet Geeks a sustainable culture, based on beliefs like professionalism and trust, is a core value.

We have a fantastic working environment with open management and focus on mutual respect and through this we attract the best consultants and developers to our team.

We are continuing to invest in our location to provide pleasant surroundings, healthy food, health insurance and joint social events.

This provides our employees the security of knowing they are an equally important asset within our culture

Our Vision:

Sweet Geeks have created a positive working environment that encourages dedication through having fun. We constantly channel this positive energy creating value for our partners and customers alike.

Sweet Geeks and our business partners work together with equal values and clear goals – sharing the success of our mutual costumers.

At Sweet Geeks, we embrace diversity. Everyone has a role and a valued place at the table of innovation and design. We have brought together a team of all ages, various cultures and backgrounds each with different ways of thinking. Together they create a formidable problem-solving package that thrives with each new challenge.

Our mission

Sweet Geeks will work closely with our partners business to seamlessly integrate our technology and ideas, to our shared success and growth.


Sweet Geeks have adopted UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 as a clear priority of business.

We aim to assist our partners and their customers in our joint contribution to intelligent software solutions that may help save our planet for future generations.


To provide our major international customers with the best possible service, we are partner with the following partners:


EWORK Group is a market-leading, independent consultant supplier in Northern Europe with a focus on IT, telecoms, technology and business development.

Sweet Geeks have been working with EWORK for a couple of years and we have a flawless corporation with a team of professionals at the EWORK staff and at the same time a perfect match in business.


At Pedab, we combine our Customers data- and business needs with innovative technologies and highly skilled Business Partners. The strategic partnership with Sweet Geeks A/S supports Pedab’s strategy with the aim of creating long-term partnerships and build new business opportunities for both our customers and ecosystem.

From our local start in Sweden over 25 years ago, to our European presence today, Pedab has enjoyed a steady growth and constant enrichment of offerings. 

Are you our next partner?

Are you our new Geek?

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